The Wildlife and Forestry Department (Département Nature et Forêt, DNF) has recently sent us the following information:
Last 30 November, the Walloon government adopted a decree concerning a number of temporary measures to combat African swine fever in boars.
Naturally, most of these measures concern hunting areas which are in one of the zones affected by the disease (southern Belgium). However, preventive measures aiming to significantly reduce boar populations have also been taken throughout the Wallonia region.
With this in mind, the Government has decided to ask each hunting area in which boar are present to organise at least three collective hunts (classic hunts, quiet hunts, group hunts) in January and February 2019 (see article 30 of the decree).
 Please note that hunters organizing hunts on private land are not required to inform us of the dates 

Tables indicating the hunting dates on which the EXTRATRAIL routes will be closed (X X X X = route closed) can be found here.

Warning: some hunters have not requested the closure of trails for group hunts that do not pose a particular risk to the public.” In this case, the EXTRATRAIL routes will remain open, because the areas affected by the hunt do not encroach on our trails. Naturally, it is essential that you do not leave the trails at any time, in order to ensure that you do not encounter the hunters.

We publish here the hunting calendar according to the information given to us by the Wildlife and Forestry Department. Please note that we do not always have complete information, and the calendar may be subject to changes that we are not informed of. Please remember: Caution and respecting signs placed in the forest by the hunters based on current regulations is essential.
This list is informative. Only the local display is official.

Never go on the route if the passage is forbidden by specific markings.
– Yellow official posters are information posters.
– Red official posters are posters that prohibit passing on a path or trail.

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